Reflections of His glory

Ezekiel 42-43

Ezekiel’s vision continued with the man showing him the priests’ rooms and the altar.  His vision also included a view of the Glory of the Lord returning to the temple from the east :

1 After this, the man brought me back around to the east gateway. 2 Suddenly, the glory of the God of Israel appeared from the east. The sound of his coming was like the roar of rushing waters, and the whole landscape shone with his glory.

Can you imagine what that must have looked/felt/sounded like?  In the next verse, Ezekiel writes that he fell face down.  I would do the same thing, I think, if I saw the landscape shimmering with the Lord’s glory!

That gets me to thinking about one of my favorite songs, by Third Day, titled Show Me Your Glory.  What an amazing tribute to the desire we have to feel the Lord’s presence, to experience even just the reflection of His glory.  Sometimes I feel His glory while singing praise songs…or when viewing a beautiful creation of His hands, like a hummingbird.  I am fascinated with those tiny little bug-sized birds and always catch my breath when I see one because I know it will likely be just a glimpse; they flit from one place to the next seemingly without an ounce of effort.  The first time I laid eyes on my daughter, chills went up and down my spine as I praised the Lord for the miracle of life.

I want more of Him…I want more of seeing and delighting in life as He does! Reflections of His glory are evident all around us, if we ask the Lord to open our eyes and our hearts to see.

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