Second chance

Ezekiel 44-45

Ezekiel’s vision continues.  This time he is taken through the north gate and sees the glory of the Lord there.  He fell face down and heard the Lord give him instructions for the proper use of the Temple.  It appears to me at a first glance to be a re-telling of the rules for the Temple that God had already given but that the Israelites disregarded and forgot over their years of idol worship.

There is a distinct flavor of a second chance through these chapters.  Over and over again in my journey through the Bible, I see where the Lord has prepared a later time to restore himself to his people.  This incredible desire to reconcile all people who believe and turn to Him is reflected in Jesus’ teachings about being born again.  It’s apparent that second chances are important to God.

Just look at Biblical historical figures who messed up the first time and then did the right thing in their second chance: Moses (killed someone), Rahab (prostitute), and Jacob (deceitful) before the Lord used them, gave them a second chance, and saw them excel.

I hope I will never need a second chance….but I am so glad I have a God who so offers!

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