The sky is falling!

Zechariah 1-7

I don’t know that I’ve ever studied this book in the Bible before…but it is chock full of images and visions of horses, chariots, olive trees, and more.  I confess I don’t understand much of it.  At one point in Zechariah 3, the Lord tells him about the Branch he will send soon.  At first I thought that was referring to Jesus, but then in the sixth chapter Zechariah is told to make a crown from some of the returned gold and place it on the head of the son of the high priest…whose name was Jeshua.  So now I’m wondering if this is one of those dual prophesies that refer to something soon and also something far away?

Perhaps my foggy brain tonight is due to being so depleted from the events of the past two days!  Tomorrow our CC community will meet in a borrowed church building since our regular building is unsafe due to structural problems and a sagging ceiling….I am thankful for the generosity of this church…at the same time, I did not hear from another church about a long term solution.  I am anxious despite having placed this need in the Lord’s hands.  I know his timing is the best timing….but somewhere in the back of my mind is a gnawing unease.  So I pray for the peace of the Holy Spirit to fill me and move me through these next few days.  I pray the Lord will open doors for our community.

I pray I will be able to sleep tonight, unlike last night’s restless dreams of ceilings (and skies) falling down all around us!

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