Learning to trust and getting out of His way

Zechariah 8-14

This book finishes up with more “End Times” prophesies.  I wonder how much contact these Old Testament prophets had with one another?  At any rate, there are similarities among them.  For one thing, fresh water will one day flow out of Jerusalem and empty into the Dead Sea, turning it alive again.  The sun, moon and stars will no longer shine…but Zechariah adds another detail: even though the sun, moon and stars will not shine, there will still be light!  How can this be?  Apparently the Glory of the Lord shines everywhere.

Wouldn’t you like to be just on the edge of His glory?  To feel the warmth and peace and awestruck wonder?  As the song says, we can only imagine what that day will be like.

My day hasn’t been filled with glory, but it has been one of those days that I look back on and see that the Lord himself held me up.  We met in a borrowed church for CC…I visited a different church and me the pastor while our CC was ongoing, spoke to another one on the phone, finished up our CC day by 3:30, and then headed out to ice skating practice followed by the children’s choir.  Phew!  On the way home at 7:30 my eyelids almost needed to be propped open!

But the Lord is faithful.  He is working even now on our behalf, just as he worked on behalf of the remnant of His people.  He brought them from far distances back to Jerusalem and gave them everything they needed to rebuild the temple.  I KNOW He will bring us to a new home as well.

I am learning to trust.  Now if I can just force myself to get out of His way!

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