Seeking His Glory

Matthew 17; Mark 9; Luke 9:28-62

Today’s reading centered around the Transfiguration.  One interesting aspect to this that I never noticed before is that when Jesus set out to go to his death in Jerusalem, he sent messengers ahead of him to prepare a place for him in Samaria….but the people there didn’t welcome him because he was going on to Jerusalem.  I think I must be missing a piece of the culture here and need to do some reading.  But not tonight!

Wouldn’t you like to have been with the disciples on the hillside when Jesus was transfigured?  Or at least be a bird or a goat or a sheep?  I cannot even fathom what that must have been like.  Like Peter, I probably would have put my foot in my mouth and said something completely nonsensical.  I just love it when I see the disciples doing bone headed things that I do daily!  At least I know I’m not alone in my goofiness.

My assumption is that this experience that left him shining somehow gave Jesus the courage to set out to do what he was sent to do: take my place on the cross, and it gave him even more power.  Immediately after this event, he drove out a particularly demanding seizure in a young boy — a task his disciples had been unable to do.

It’s encouraging to see that Jesus healed even the hard cases.  The ones that would end up on an episode of House were no trouble to Him.  Why?  Because He is in the Father and the Father is in Him, and the Father is our creator.  When I create a piece of writing, I can tweak it to make it better.  If there are grammatical errors, I, as the creator, can easily go back, hit my delete key, and make it right.

That’s what the Lord does for us.  Right now I am in need of a delete key to take away my pain and my anxiety.  One day the Great Writer will either hit that key or will add more lines to my story so that His glory is revealed.  I long for His glory to be revealed in my life.  I long see His glory.

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