Kudos all around

Matthew 18

Be humble like a child…and forgive from the heart.  Those are the messages I gleaned tonight from Matthew 18.  But trying to pick one or even two topics to glean from Jesus is nearly impossible.  Every word that is recorded as coming from his mouth is instructive.  Sometimes I wish I could physically EAT his words and make them a part of myself.

Tonight I heard Josh Hamilton give all glory to Jesus for the Rangers’ win.  When asked if he had reached the top of his mountain (getting into the World Series), Josh replied, on national television, that he wouldn’t reach the top of the mountain until he meets his Savior.

Wow!  I sincerely hope that if I am ever in the limelight in that way, I will be so bold in expressing my belief with such conviction.  As Christians in America, many of us are becoming gun shy.  We don’t wear our faith on our sleeves because we don’t want to offend anybody.  But not Josh.  Kudos to him for laying his heart out bare for all to see.

And Kudos especially to Jesus, who has worked a miracle in Josh’s life…and in my own.

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