Hoping for an amazing story

John 14-17

Jesus did not leave us alone.  He sent us the Holy Spirit to remind us of those things we have learned in the middle of those times that we need it the most.

Did you know that Jesus prayed for your protection, for the protection of those who are His?  Protection from the enemy is not just something that WE ask for…we can be confident that we receive it because Jesus himself asked for it for us, his chosen ones.

Divine protection is much stronger and safer than the most stringent security system in the world, don’t you think?  It’s comforting to know that He has my back.

I am on the eve of what is usually the most painful time for me in my endometriosis and fibromyalgia journey.  I confess I have some fear about going to sleep tonight…last month at this time, the pain woke me up from a dead sleep and kept me awake all night long.  It lasted three excruciating days, and by the end of it I was ready to ask the doctor to yank out everything that makes me female.

But the Lord led me to Dr. Rhodes’ door…and I have been undergoing twice-daily electrical treatments for the past ten days, including today.  Early this morning, the usual low back pain cramping woke me up.  However, I did not take pain medicine and ran my morning treatment after breakfast.  To my relief, the back pain went from a 5 on the richter scale down to about a 1 or a 2, and later in the day it was so slight as to be unnoticed.

I pray that Jesus will protect me tonight and that I will have an amazing story to tell at the end of this weekend.

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