The torn curtain

Matthew 27, Mark 15

Both of these crucifixion accounts tell of the curtain in the temple being torn in two, earthquakes and other frightening events happening at the moment of Jesus’ death.  But Matthew says that people who had died who were holy came out of their graves and appeared to many people.  They were resurrected!

How did I miss that all these years of reading the gospel accounts?  I guess this just proves that no matter how many times you read the Bible, God always reveals more and more to you, bit by bit.

I’m so glad that the curtain was torn.  I’m so glad I can come to the throne of my creator and beg for forgiveness without having to have a priest slaughter animals for my atonement!  Jesus, THANK YOU for giving the ultimate — YOURSELF — on my behalf.  I didn’t and don’t deserve it.  But I receive it!  Thank you for tearing the curtain that separated us and for making us one through the Holy Spirit.

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