Feeding the sheep

Luke 24; John 20-21

Competition is on my mind tonight.  A close reading of John 20 and 21 uncovers a competitive streak running between John and Peter, at least in John’s eyes.

…John is careful to say not once, but twice, that when he and Peter raced to the tomb to see if the women were correct about it being empty, he (John), got there first.  Apparently winning the footrace was important to him!

…John records Peter’s conversation with Jesus after he appeared to them while they were fishing.  In his account, Peter looked back at John and asked Jesus what would happen to him.

Then Jesus told him to stop being a baby.  Okay, he didn’t use those words.  But he did tell Peter not to worry about what would happen to John — that John’s life was in His hands.

Just as mine is in His hands….and yours…and the lives of all believers AND unbelievers.  The Creator created all, not just a few.

And one of his final words to us (to Peter) was this: Feed my sheep.

I think it’s clear that competing to be the “best” disciple is not what Jesus had in mind.  Could it be more simple than those three words? “Feed” could literally mean providing nourishment…but it also could mean providing encouragement and teaching.

I like to think that what I do as director of a CC community is, in some small way, my way of reaching out and feeding His sheep.  May He give me the stamina and wisdom to continue!

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