Acts 17-18:1

Paul was an excellent debater!  He did not just use bold words when speaking to the Athenians — he educated himself about their culture.  He noticed all their idols and took the time to read the names of them.  He even read some of their poetry — and he used his knowledge of them to show them the truth about the Lord.  The crystalline nature of his debate takes my breath away….probably because I am a wordsmith myself.  Too bad debates can’t be handled in writing, my preferred mode of communication.

Speaking of words…I am having a difficult time lately with the spoken word.  So much so that I wish I could take a vow of silence.  But I seriously doubt it would be possible to be a proper wife and mother without speaking.  So I will trudge onward and pray that the Holy Spirit will put exactly the right words in my mouth at the right times so that instead of throwing gasoline on a flame, my words will be refreshing water…because it’s not happening on my own power.  It has to be HIS power working in me, giving me the words to say.

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