Lessons from the beauty shop

Today has been one of those homeschooling-on-the-go kind of days.  Due to my quarterly effort to stave off the effects of aging hair follicles with toxic dye, we spent the morning holed up at the beauty shop.  Fortunately, the black leather couch is almost as comfy as our own, so my daughter felt right at home doing her schoolwork.  The next time she has trouble focusing, I will ask her to bring up reserves of whatever it was that allowed her to focus today even with hair dryers buzzing and chatter all around the shop!

I’ve decided that I rather enjoy being The Boss of Math.  So far this week, my daoughter is taking unit tests in our original math curriculum (Saxon) so I can determine the best starting point in the book.  I suspect we will be at least at the halfway mark, but even if that’s not the case, we’ll be okay because the goal is not to press through the book as if we are running a race.  The goal is to learn math concepts and see how they apply in real life…and, if we are able to utilize the calculation tricks we’ve learned, that’s even better!  If we’re able to do both tasks while sitting in the middle of a gaggle of brightly colored hair stylists, then that’s just priceless.

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