You Are His Favorite

I’ve been noticing the extraordinary all week.  This faded rose called out to me to take its photo last night.  I like the beauty that remains despite the age of the flower.  As I get older myself (ahem), I’ve grown to appreciate the gentle, extraordinary beauty that is found in faded flowers, faded jeans, and faded hair. Speaking of the extraordinary, an extraordinary encounter at church this past Sunday has held me enthralled and utterly enchanted.  I feel as if I am falling in love with the Lord all over again! During worship, my daughter became emotional.  All the angst of … Continue reading You Are His Favorite

The Pause Before the Plunge

The roller coaster slows as it chugs its way up the steep incline.  Reaching the zenith, there’s a slight pause, a moment of inertia until gravity takes over and the coaster accelerates down the hill in a rush of adrenaline and squeals. If this scene does not accurately describe your own experience riding roller coasters, that’s okay.  It doesn’t describe mine, either, because I don’t ride them.  But it’s how I imagine a roller coaster ride would be. I bring up this roller coaster scene not because I have a hankering to go stand in the hot sun on concrete … Continue reading The Pause Before the Plunge

Diggin’ for Water

Water — no one disputes the truth that water is essential for life.  Without it, our rivers and wells run dry.  Livestock, other animals, and crops perish during times of devastating drought. A human can only live a few days without it.  Even as I write these words, people are dying in many parts of this world because their waters have run dry. Yet there is another place beyond this living world that we can see and touch that requires another kind of water. Jesus spoke of this kind of mysterious water when he encountered a woman at a well. … Continue reading Diggin’ for Water

“Mathematical” Missions

Today I’m taking a wide angle lens view of a topic that was my least favorite in elementary school and is becoming more and more apparent to me in real life: division. Not long division or fractions or exponents, although as a part-time homeschooling mom I am learning more about those, too.  What I’m talking about is division in the body of Christ. Let’s begin by defining the body of Christ.  I am not referring to his actual body that went into heaven.  In Scripture, the body of Christ is a metaphor for all of Christ’s followers. In Romans 12, we … Continue reading “Mathematical” Missions

Daring to be Different

This holiday season, I’ve had a bit more time on my hands than I have had in the past…oh, thirteen years or so.  Recovering from major surgery gave me time and space to think and to pray.  The quieter I became in my soul, the more sure I was that the Lord was calling me to do something different this year to celebrate the Savior’s birth.  I did not want to look like the culture around me. So this year, I made gifts.  By hand.  I can’t yet disclose what I made because some of my blog readers will be … Continue reading Daring to be Different