Just Believe

I’m intrigued with the way God uses friends to completely turn my perspective upside down. Yesterday I was an emotional and physical wreck, worried about whether the new knowledge that I have an additional blood clotting antibody in my blood is a door that God put up to prevent me from my current path towards surgery. Last night, my friend and neighbor who has been following this blog surprised me with a big plate of cookies, a promise to continue praying for me, tears, and a promise to set up a website to help friends sign up to bring meals … Continue reading Just Believe


Sledgehammer…or flyswatter.  That is the question for me today. I took an enormous leap this morning and went ahead and pre-registered with the hospital for my surgery.  And although I am mostly resolved about the way forward, I wonder sometimes if I am not dealing with my medical issues with a sledgehammer rather than a flyswatter.  Sledgehammer: hysterectomy.  Flyswatter: diagnostic scope and ablation and hormones. Yet when I consider that over the past month, I’ve had maybe three days of feeling decent and yucky pain the rest of the time…when I consider that my doctor told me I am now … Continue reading Sledgehammer

Transfer of Power

I took a lovely walk this morning.  If I had thought of it, I would have brought my camera.  But I didn’t…so you’ll just have to take my word for it that it was a lovely jaunt on a fall morning. However, in honor of the first day of fall, here’s a picture of a pond near my home that we took several years ago. Even a camera could not have captured the feeling of the breeze buffeting my face and hair.  There is a hint of power in a fresh, fall breeze — one that portends cold snaps and … Continue reading Transfer of Power