Just Believe

I’m intrigued with the way God uses friends to completely turn my perspective upside down.

Yesterday I was an emotional and physical wreck, worried about whether the new knowledge that I have an additional blood clotting antibody in my blood is a door that God put up to prevent me from my current path towards surgery.

Last night, my friend and neighbor who has been following this blog surprised me with a big plate of cookies, a promise to continue praying for me, tears, and a promise to set up a website to help friends sign up to bring meals while I recover from surgery.

Another friend wrote to tell me of a healing ministry in her church.

My daughter’s teacher offered to take her to and from her CC Challenge class the week after my surgery and told me she’s “praying and expecting the BEST” for me.

And today, a woman who has been in my shoes looked at my situation and told me that it looks to her as if God is taking care of me.

You know what?  He IS!  If I am at risk of developing blood clots, then it would be much better for the doctors to know that going into surgery than to not know it and have me develop one later.  He’s arranged for my family to have meals (a huge load off my plate!) during my recovery.  He’s set people in motion praying for me. And as I holed up in my bed with a heating pad trying to combat a bout of pain, I found this in my purse:

Funny thing is, I have no idea where it came from!  Yet I know it was no accident that I happened to find it in my purse at that particular moment on that particular day, just when I needed it.

So this afternoon I am grateful for friends and family who stand with me…and especially for the Lord who has ALL OF THIS MESS that is me in His capable, faithful hands.  My wise friend who has walked in my shoes reminded me to BELIEVE. Jesus reminds me of this act as well:

“Jesus said to Jairus, “Don’t be afraid; just believe, and she will be healed.” Luke 8:50

2 thoughts on “Just Believe

  1. Amazing! Simply amazing to me how God works.
    I came back to see if there was any news about you and low and behold there certainly is.
    This is a really hard path to walk and then to find a fork in the road so to speak with neither choice a perfect solution it’s nice to remember whose it’s God whose really in charge and HE provides us with a brain to make up our minds, but HE also makes certain that doors are put in front of us.

    The choices before you only you can make with God’s guidance, but even HE knows it’s you that lives in this earth’s vessel HE provided you for this time on earth. It’s easy for others even with the best of intentions to tell you what to do.

    Remember that this too is of HIS Kingdom.

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