Experiencing the Extraordinary

I’m thrilled to announce that God flirted with us and sent a smidgen of rain to our parched landscape yesterday. After days and days and days of searing sunlight, seven hundred twelve degree temperatures and blue skies stretching from horizon to horizon, these clouds were a welcome sight. Hearing the rain splash against the window was another sensory delight…for everyone except Lacee.  It’s been so long since she heard rain, she thought someone must be at the door and went into attack dog mode. Somebody’s got to protect the family from those big scary raindrops! It had been so long … Continue reading Experiencing the Extraordinary

Dealing With “Deadgetation”

I admit it.  I have a brown thumb.  But I promise I didn’t cause this travesty. I didn’t do it! The only times I’ve even crossed the threshold into the back yard have been to let the dog out.  (She didn’t do it, either.  She’s not tall enough!) I don’t have far to look, though, to see the culprit in this dastardly episode of deadgetation: It’s August in Texas.  We know it’s going to be hot.  We’re used to gingerly lowering ourselves on the steaming surface of the seats in the car. We know how to run errands in the … Continue reading Dealing With “Deadgetation”


Yesterday my daughter and I got caught in one of those weird, Texas-style, torrential thunderstorms.  The skies opened just as we left the grocery store.  By the time I got her in the car and the groceries in the trunk, I was soaked to the bone.  I even had water dripping down my nose and into my ears.  The only thing I could do was laugh.  It’s a good thing we were going straight home from there! Now that I’m warm and dry, I’ve started thinking about what it means to be drenched.  What, exactly, am I drenched in?  Yesterday … Continue reading Drenched