Experiencing the Extraordinary

I’m thrilled to announce that God flirted with us and sent a smidgen of rain to our parched landscape yesterday.

After days and days and days of searing sunlight, seven hundred twelve degree temperatures and blue skies stretching from horizon to horizon, these clouds were a welcome sight.

Hearing the rain splash against the window was another sensory delight…for everyone except Lacee.  It’s been so long since she heard rain, she thought someone must be at the door and went into attack dog mode.

Somebody’s got to protect the family from those big scary raindrops!

It had been so long since we’ve had rain, I decided to grab the camera and get some “playing in the rain” shots. My daughter, always thrilled at an excuse to postpone math, dashed outside to dance in the rain.  Unfortunately, by the time I pulled the camera out of the bag, unscrewed the lens cap and stepped outside, all three raindrops had already fallen, leading to this very sad countenance on my daughter’s face:

The rain spluttered and stopped another couple of times before a decent shower got going later on that morning.  It felt heavenly to our parched, math-skipping souls!

We sat outside under the portico and sniffed the morning away, inhaling the sweet scent of fresh rain on dusty ground. My daughter decided smelling, hearing, feeling and seeing the rain wasn’t quite enough to fill her soul with joy.

But tasting it was completely sublime!

Taking this appreciative detour did mean we had to work on school later in the afternoon than normal.  As we sat outside enjoying the breeze, I thought about the school kids a few blocks away whose eyes were glued to the classroom windows, watching the rain streak intricate patterns on the windows and wishing they could step out and enjoy this unexpected gift.  I thought of the teachers thinking the same thing and thanked the Lord that for that moment, homeschooling gave us the freedom to press PAUSE on “normal” school so we could experience the extraordinary.






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