John 9-John 10:21

Jesus healed a blind man on the Sabbath using his spit and some dirt from the ground.  Rather than praise the Lord for this miracle, the Pharisees accused Jesus of breaking the law.

Did you get that?  He.Healed.A.Blind.Man.

The Pharisees were then shown to be spiritually blinded because they did not see the miracle and the authority behind the healing.

Even my germaphobe self would not mind if Jesus’ saliva came in contact with my skin!  I don’t think HE has germs.  How could He?  He was God clothed in flesh and blood.

In fact, if Jesus came at this moment and called me to Him, I would hear him and obey, albeit with much trembling!  If He stooped and made mud to place on my aching neck, I would be filled with peace…and I would be healed.  If He rebuked the pain, it would leave.  If He cast out my anxiety, it would flee.

And I would be free.

May His perfect will be done in me!

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