Crazy woman inside my head

There’s a crazy woman living inside my head.  Is there one in yours as well? She becomes irritated and annoyed at the tiniest transgressions. While outwardly I appear to be my same, sweet self, the inner me is causing all sorts of havoc — in my mind. Everything — and I mean everything — brings tears to my eyes.  Toads spotted on a walk, a squirrel almost run over under my tires, a dog who keeps getting sick, a commercial about a child going away to college, the scene in Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Part 1 when Hermione “erased” herself … Continue reading Crazy woman inside my head

Journey To The Outer Banks

Breathtaking, isn’t it? Last week was full of breathtaking moments as my family and I embarked on a journey to Hatteras, North Carolina, on the southernmost tip of the Outer Banks…accessible by car, that is. What a journey it was! First came the air travel and the obligatory panic attack.  I’m so used to panic attacks at airports that you’d think by now I could ignore them completely.  Nope.  The anxiety and agitation reached a peak, and my poor husband just didn’t know what to do with the blubbering mass of (quiet) hysterics that had become his wife.  I inhaled … Continue reading Journey To The Outer Banks

The Voice In Our Heads

I’m writing this post to encourage those of you who, like me, feel a bit like you are under construction…which should include every one of us, because God promises that He will keep working in us until we are complete.  This has been one of those weeks where I definitely feel the Lord’s presence in my heart. He’s been teaching me some gems. It’s funny how all of a sudden I find ways that He is speaking when I asked Him to teach me and to help me examine my own heart.  Books, friends, songs on the radio, verses in … Continue reading The Voice In Our Heads

How Can I Eat a Cookie If I Can’t Have Wheat?

I’ve always heard that we ARE what we EAT. We’ve known for years that ingesting too much sugar can lead to all sorts of diseases, such as diabetes, and that a high fat, high carb diet can lead to heart disease.  But what happens when we find out that the healthy food we eat is the source of our infirmities? I recently completed a blood test called the ALCAT to check for food intolerances.  The ALCAT measures the way a person’s blood cells react to certain foods, chemicals, drugs, and other substances.  A control sample of my blood was charted. … Continue reading How Can I Eat a Cookie If I Can’t Have Wheat?

Good News….

Well, it’s confirmed that this lady DOES have a brain! And the brain does NOT show any signs of a breakdown in the protective covering of the nerves, which would be MS…so MS is not likely.  Whoo-hoo! The other news is that there is damage to nerves in my neck — a fact that didn’t surprise the doctor after looking at my X-rays. I’m all out of whack, and my spinal column is pressing on the cord and causing damage.  Unfortunately any kind of adjustments to my neck cause intense fibromyalgia flare ups. So no more adjustments, at least for … Continue reading Good News….