A Lounge Lizard’s Reality

This is the Lounge Lizard, checking in fifteen days post-hysterectomy.  Don’t I look marvelous?  That surgery was truly transformational! I am doing well.  Still tired and occasionally achey, but rejoicing that I will never again have back labor pain every month.  I’m rejoicing that my chronic back pain is now intermittent, my complexion is great now that my skin isn’t oily anymore, and I finally put on makeup for the first time since my surgery.  Yesterday morning we had our family interview at the university-model school we’d like to enroll our daughter in come January.  It was my second outing … Continue reading A Lounge Lizard’s Reality

Nap Time

Well…I’m alive! One week ago today, I was having surgery.  It’s hard to believe that I am already one week post-op, but the calendar doesn’t lie. The Surgery Your prayers for peace lifted me.  I only broke down and cried twice — once when we went in for registration and the reality loomed over my head, and the other when the nurse handed me the gorgeous hospital gown and told me to drop my drawers.  Your prayers for the surgeons went well.  There were no complications during surgery.  They did not have to make a large incision. The Recovery Room … Continue reading Nap Time

Just Call Me “Itis-Girl”

I cannot be held accountable for anything I write today due to the anesthesia administered this morning. Having said that, I will try to string a few coherent sentences together to update those of you following my journey. First, a huge THANK YOU for praying for me to experience peace.  Whereas a couple days ago I wailed and freaked out about having to undergo another endoscopy, this morning the only time I started to feel truly nervous was when the nurse called me back to begin prepping me for the procedure.  The procedure itself went off without a hitch, I … Continue reading Just Call Me “Itis-Girl”

High Maintenance Patient

I’ve entered the traditional countdown…my surgery is ten days away. Unless it is postponed, that is. Dr. Reisler called me on Friday to discuss some concerns he has about some of my symptoms, particularly the pain I experience on my diaphragm.  He has advised me to Schedule an appointment ASAP with a gastroenterologist to get an opinion on whether my cyclic pain might be related to endometriosis on my diaphragm or bowel and request a CT scan of my upper abdomen prior to surgery (pushing the surgery back, if I can’t get in to the gastroenterologist next week). Meet with … Continue reading High Maintenance Patient

Just Believe

I’m intrigued with the way God uses friends to completely turn my perspective upside down. Yesterday I was an emotional and physical wreck, worried about whether the new knowledge that I have an additional blood clotting antibody in my blood is a door that God put up to prevent me from my current path towards surgery. Last night, my friend and neighbor who has been following this blog surprised me with a big plate of cookies, a promise to continue praying for me, tears, and a promise to set up a website to help friends sign up to bring meals … Continue reading Just Believe