Cleaning Off the Political Smut

So what’s been going on lately?  I haven’t felt the inclination to write…or the gumption to post anything that I  actually pen.  I probably have about ten drafts saved on this blog site…but today it’s finally time to break the silence. Political Smut My parents had a colorful term to describe the endless junk mail that clogged the mailbox: smut.  That word was also used to describe the various detritus found in between nasty toes of kids who ran around barefoot all day…not that I would know anything about that, of course. It’s also the word that came to mind … Continue reading Cleaning Off the Political Smut

Finding the Sacred

The failings of our country are not solely President Obama’s fault. They aren’t even the fault of Congress or the judicial system, although all three play a part in our collective depression.  The ones we really need to examine are the ones who look back at us when we look into a mirror — ourselves. It all started with  this article by conservative columnist Frank Turek in which he blames the church — that is, the entire body of Christ, no matter what flavor or denomination — for the current failings of our country. Specifically, he points to the way … Continue reading Finding the Sacred

Independence Day

On this Independence day, I’ve been pondering the current course of our great nation.  I am a proud American, blessed and honored to live in a country where I may freely worship the Lord without threat to my life, my liberty, or my property. I am free to educate my child in the way I see fit — state officials are not breaking down the door as is the case of our homeschooling brothers and sisters in Germany and other nations. Yet there are many liberties I once had that are mine no longer. A slow creep of governmental authority … Continue reading Independence Day

True Freedom

I belong to no political party.  The Republicans think they own me because I supported Governor Mike Huckabee eons ago.  Yet they are wrong. Republicans do not speak for me. Democrats do not speak for me. If I were to lump myself into a crowd, I’d choose the Jesus Party. My political platform is taken from the words of Jesus Himself: Matthew 7:12  “Do to others whatever you would like them to do to you. This is the essence of all that is taught in the law and the prophets.” If I drew a Venn diagram of the platforms of … Continue reading True Freedom

Birthing a Work Ethic

“Axelrod explained that the reason the president’s tax rate was so low (20.5%) was because he donated 22 percent of his income to charity. “The president’s proposal would have him pay a higher rate of taxes in the future,” Axelrod added. Does anyone else notice the irony here? The president wants to change the tax code so that people like him pay a higher percentage (30%) of their income in taxes…this year he paid 20%.  Under his proposal, where will the additional 10% he gives to the government come from?  Will he adjust his lifestyle by cutting out that 10% … Continue reading Birthing a Work Ethic