Christmas Eve Eve Gift!

Merry Christmas Eve-Eve, y’all! In our family we have a silly tradition that started with my Grandpa Jake: I can’t think about Christmas without remembering Grandpa and all his jokes.  He started the tradition of trying to be the first person in the family to begin Christmas Eve by greeting another with the phrase, “Christmas Eve Gift!”  If he won, Grandpa tried to make us think that the winner got to open a present, but we were smart enough to not fall for that bit of trickery…unless we were the “winner!”  I don’t recall anybody ever getting to open up … Continue reading Christmas Eve Eve Gift!

Daring to be Different

This holiday season, I’ve had a bit more time on my hands than I have had in the past…oh, thirteen years or so.  Recovering from major surgery gave me time and space to think and to pray.  The quieter I became in my soul, the more sure I was that the Lord was calling me to do something different this year to celebrate the Savior’s birth.  I did not want to look like the culture around me. So this year, I made gifts.  By hand.  I can’t yet disclose what I made because some of my blog readers will be … Continue reading Daring to be Different

Ultimate Power Source

With this unrelenting heat, it’s hard to think about what life would be like if we didn’t have power.  Air conditioning is a balm to my soul when the thermometer in my car reads “113!”  I use power 24 hours a day: electric toothbrush, hair dryer, ceiling fan, air conditioning, oven, microwave, coffee maker, refrigerator, toaster, computer, iPad, iPhone, telephone, washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, water heater, lighting, television, heating pad, air purifier, car…did I mention air conditioning?  Suffice it to say that electrical and/or gas power is an integral part of my life. As important as electricity has become to … Continue reading Ultimate Power Source

Stomping the Guilt Monster

Yesterday I began musing about the difference between condemnation and conviction. I’d just read a wonderful news article about a woman who single-handedly began a Christmas party for the homeless. I was so glad that she had been so successful, but I also felt a twinge of guilt. After all, I haven’t organized a party for the homeless. I don’t frequent downtown shelters. I don’t personally know anyone who is homeless; in fact, we don’t even have people standing on street corners holding “Help, Please” signs in our corner of small town Texas. These thoughts flew through my head as … Continue reading Stomping the Guilt Monster

The Truth-o-Meter

Some time ago I heard about CNN’s conservative guy Glenn Beck.  I watched him a couple of times and laughed.  I figured he was sort of like Bill O’Reilly’s counterpart.  I even bought his book, An Inconvenient Book, because I loved the name.  And while reading the book, I discovered that he is a Mormon. Way back in high school, I dated a guy who was a Mormon.  I’ll never forget the night he took me to a high school dance.  Rather than going out to dinner, his family turned their home into a fine dining establishment.  (We lived in … Continue reading The Truth-o-Meter