The ABCs On The Wall

Although my faith is firm in my King Jesus, I cringe to see the ABCs on the wall for this country we inhabit if we do not stand firm and refuse to believe the deception swirling around us.

Many Americans have been duped, such as this one:

If I help him, he’s gonna help me.”

The bedrock of this country is crumbling in the name of ‘help’.   A man in El Paso jumped off a bridge to his death and left 2 notes behind to Senator Obama, asking him to “help” his family.  What is wrong with this picture?

Obama is NOT a god.  He will not fill your gas tank or pay your mortgage, yet somehow those people and probably others like them seem convinced that he is the savior.  Not only is he NOT our savior…not only does he hold socialistic views and believes the Warren Court was “not radical enough” to declare redistribution of wealth a civil right…not only did he vote against the Born Alive Act which would have protected infants born alive during botched abortions…not only does he not want his daughters to be ‘punished with a pregnancy,’ but he also has extremely dangerous views about government involvement in education.

Keep in mind as you listen to this clip of Obama discussing education what another socialist, Adolf Hitler, had to say about children:

He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.

And mull over this quote from the Father of Socialism, Karl Marx:

The education of all children, from the moment that they can get along without a mother’s care, shall be in state institutions at state expense.

Now here is the front-runner in the United States Presidential race, Senator Barak Obama, talking about educating children from age 0 to 3 and beyond:

Did I hear that correctly?  Obama wants the federal government (taxpayers) to pay for RNs to identify and then work with parents to show them how to be parents.  This policy has the potential to rip apart our parental rights.  For example, how will the RNs “identify” those who need the government’s “help” in raising their kids?  What sort of help will they provide?

In arguing for 0-3 education, Obama mentioned that lots of kids start school already behind their peers.  As a former first grade teacher, I can tell you that this is a fact.  I had first graders who could read and I had those who did not even know the ABCs.  Obama claimed that those kids who started out “behind” eventually “push back” against education and give up.

Not so, Mr. Obama!

This discrepancy in children’s knowledge prior to kindergarten and first grade is not merely the result of their socioeconomic status, as Obama seems to imply.  It is directly a result of a child’s readiness.  Not all children are ready to sit still, pay attention, and learn to read at age 5. Their brains are just not ready to process the kind of fine motor and visual discrimination needed to correctly identify letters, shapes, colors, and numbers.  It does NOT mean that those children are “dumb” or “slow.”  Nor does it mean that their parents should have had some form of government intervention to help their kids learn their ABCs before entering kindergarten.

It means they aren’t ready.  Period.

Some kids would be more successful students if they didn’t even begin school until they were 8 or 9….others are reading at age 3.  Yet Senator Obama thinks that the government needs to indoctrinate these kids so they are not “behind” before they start. I submit that the reason these kids end up “pushing back” against education is not because they started out “behind” their peers, as Obama suggests.  The reason they end up pushing back against education is because the government put an arbitrary age on compulsory education.  It’s the government’s fault for pushing school on these kids before they are developmentally ready.  Now we have a host of kids (mis)diagnosed with ADHD and many other medical labels when the truth is they just weren’t ready for book-learning!  Their brains needed more time to explore the world around them.  And their parents, eager for what amounts to free day-care in their minds, willingly dropped their not-yet-ready children into classrooms that can’t meet their needs.

If the public schools switched to a multi-age, small group approach, it wouldn’t matter.  If a child needed three years in kindergarten, let him have it.  If he needed two years to master the concepts essential to understanding multiplication, let him have it without the stigma of having to repeat a grade.

The public schools continue to fail our kids because they push multi-shaped kid brains into square-sized boxes.  This is why homeschooling is such a great option for these kids because their parents now get to choose curriculum that is appropriate to what their child is READY to do, not what the state says he SHOULD be ready to do at certain ages.  It is exceedingly telling that the Obama campagin has been silent about homeschooling.  If they come out against our right to homeschool before the election, they will  lose millions of votes.

For more information on compulsory education laws in the United States, the Home School Legal Defense Association has put together this very informative article. The writers conclude, most interestingly,

Is it merely a coincidence that the two countries whose educational system we have most admired (Japan and Germany) gave rise to totalitarian states in the 20th century, bent on world domination? Looking into the dying embers of two world wars should remind us that the utopian impulse that lures men to entrust control of the individual—including compulsory attendance and state control of education—to the wisdom of the state, sets the stage for corrupt and domineering governments.

We should be very wary of anyone in the government telling us how to parent — and school — our kids. The future of our nation depends on it.

If you have not made up your mind yet who to vote for on Tuesday, contrast Obama’s comments about  education with those made by Senator McCain:

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