Just Believe

I’m intrigued with the way God uses friends to completely turn my perspective upside down. Yesterday I was an emotional and physical wreck, worried about whether the new knowledge that I have an additional blood clotting antibody in my blood is a door that God put up to prevent me from my current path towards surgery. Last night, my friend and neighbor who has been following this blog surprised me with a big plate of cookies, a promise to continue praying for me, tears, and a promise to set up a website to help friends sign up to bring meals … Continue reading Just Believe

Big Day Scheduled

October 26th is the Big Day.  It’s the day that I will take the plunge and get rid of my inner girl parts, forever.  As one of my good friends told me once, what has my uterus done for me lately, anyway? 🙂 Of course as soon as I scheduled the surgery, my internet research trying to find funny quotes (I need a little humor to get me through this!) instead brought up horrible websites that demean the practice of hysterectomy and blame doctors for pushing it on patients.  They advise women to be strong and tough and WAIT IT … Continue reading Big Day Scheduled

Decisions, decisions

…and the ball is in motion, the die has been cast, and all that jazz… In my journey back to all things healthy and sane, this morning my husband and I went to visit Dr. R. to get a second opinion about the necessity for hysterectomy and to get a feel for which doctor we felt would best meet my needs. Both doctors have been around the block a time or two, and I don’t think I could go wrong with either of them.  However, the one-word description my husband had for Dr. R. is “thorough.”  Whereas Dr. C. came … Continue reading Decisions, decisions

One down, One to go

  Don’t I have a beautiful family?  As I contemplate the big step towards hysterectomy, I am so grateful that God gave me my husband and my daughter.  She is the best part of both of us… This afternoon my sweet husband took me to my doctor’s visit to consult about hysterectomy. I think he was a bit anxious when the nurse took us into the examining room because she started fiddling with the robes as if she was about to ask me to undress!  Fortunately, it wasn’t THAT kind of appointment this time, and he was able to breathe … Continue reading One down, One to go

Hold me?

Sweet dreams. I’d love to have them…if I could get to sleep.  Last night was the seventh night in a row that I was unable to sleep and the eighth day of increasing pain.  You know something’s got to change when your tween daughter who normally notices nothing about physical appearance suddenly tells you that you don’t look well. Must be those circles under my eyes! Tomorrow is a Big Day.  My husband is joining me in a visit to the doctor who diagnosed me with adenomyosis so we can discuss surgery options. If the Lord is trying to make … Continue reading Hold me?