“Life is Pain…”

Fear is a four-letter word, but so is Sick. A couple days ago I wrote extensively about Fear and how I want to move from letting Fear drive me to a place where I let Love lead me.  Assisting me in this endeavor is the book Grace for the Good Girl.  I followed along nicely until about halfway through the book.  Now I have hit one of those areas where I might as well bang my head against the wall as understand what the author is writing about.  Maybe this has to do with my internal “stuff” about fear, or … Continue reading “Life is Pain…”


Some people are afraid of spiders. Other people are afraid of heights. Some people are even afraid of very long words: Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia Thoughts of fears have been invading my mind lately, but not for the usual reasons. I am a very fearful person by nature. In fact, I’ve been known to be afraid of… Airplanes and flying Funerals Elevators (but not escalators) Spicy food Tomatoes, carrots, dairy, pecans, and now peanuts (make me ill) Roller coasters Long car trips The dentist Spiders Snakes Tornados Germs, especially stomach bug germs Nausea Body discomfort of any sort Monthly period (because it’s causing … Continue reading Fear

Spiritual Spinach

I have a major decision to make. Today an ultrasound revealed that I have adenomyosis, a diagnosis that was suspected but not confirmed until the imaging today.  As I understand it, adenomyosis is a condition in which the lining of the uterus begins invading the muscle of the uterine wall. When the body’s hormones signal this lining to shed, it sheds everywhere, including within the muscle wall.  This process causes intense pain and inflammation.  Finally I now understand why every month I feel as if I am giving birth all over again. Although this image is not from me, it … Continue reading Spiritual Spinach


Yesterday, God put a sword in my hand.  He led me into battle against the mightiest foe I could ever face…myself. The dreaded CT scan was the battleground.  His Word was the sword.  And the people He placed in my path strengthened my faith, which had the effect of shoring up my shield. After the horrible CT Scan experience a couple months ago, this repeat scan was hanging over my head like a brick just waiting to fall.  I kept pushing thoughts of it out of the way, but still it hovered, ready to infect my thoughts with dread in … Continue reading Victory!