Tearing off the Hood of Shame

Cue the fire and brimstone voice: You are a sinner!  You are a mere worm!  You do not deserve forgiveness!  If you do not repent, if you do not accept Christ as your savior, you worthless sinner, then you are destined for the lake of fire, a horrible place with unending wailing and gnashing of teeth! Messages like the one above are the reason why my family joked that every time I went to church as a young girl, I “walked the aisle” to repent and be absolutely 100% sure I wouldn’t be thrown in that fiery lake. While many … Continue reading Tearing off the Hood of Shame

My Cure, and Yours

This is a photo of crystalized honey.  Chemically speaking, honey is made up of a naturally-occuring sugar called fructose.  2012 marks the year that my digestive health did an about-face when I learned that, for me, fructose is evil. Last fall, on the advice of a doctor, I tried following a gluten-free diet.  And I got much, much worse.  I dropped nearly ten pounds in a month.  My stomach pains became more frequent and debilitating.  I developed an H Pylori infection.  Clearly, gluten was not the evil culprit. I noticed a pattern to my stomach pains.  Usually they happened in … Continue reading My Cure, and Yours

Resisting the Fade

Social networking websites are all the rage these days.  It’s apparent from looking at our family Thanksgiving candid photos that I spent way too much time lurking the halls of Facebook. It’s also apparent from recent hardships in my circle of friends that Satan stands ever ready to use any means possible to destroy relationships, including social networking.  Reconnecting with old friends means the potential is there to reconnect with old flames…and consequently, to get burned. So began a true, high-tech “love” triangle between my friend Leslie, her husband Brent, and a man from the past named Les. (Not their … Continue reading Resisting the Fade

Heavy Duty

My washing machine has more features than my car!  I can do a second rinse, a soak, and a prewash.  I can do laundry for light, medium, or heavy soil levels, and I can wash it cold/cold, cold/warm, warm/warm, and hot/cold.  There’s a button on there that gives the clothes an extended spin.  I can select Normal, Delicate, Handwash, Jeans, or Heavy Duty. Trouble is, I pretty much use one setting, all the time.  I always like our clothes washed in HOT water because I like the illusion of all the little germy germs getting washed away (although I know … Continue reading Heavy Duty